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     Hi, my name is Nancy Brekke-Jones and I designed Replace-A-Lace. The touch fastening straps allow you to use the shoes you already own or choose the shoes with laces and turn them into shoes with a no tie closure. They attach to the shoes eyelets and are versatile for right or left handed persons. I believe those with limited dexterity should not have to sacrifice quality, comfort or style in footwear. If you want to maintain control over putting on and taking off your shoes, but struggle with laces, then Replace-A-Lace can help.
     I came up with the idea after working many years in the footwear industry and listening to customers request shoes with straps on a daily basis. They would leave frustrated as the selection is minimal and most times sold out, they couldn't find them anywhere. I would listen to stories of how their parent or grandparent could no longer tie shoes due to age, arthritis or other condition. A spouse was going to have surgery and needed something while going to therapy. A child had outgrown the shoes with straps and they didn’t come in bigger sizes. Parents of special needs children who couldn’t tie shoelaces or their child wanted the fun pattern shoes but they only came with laces. The stories were endless but they all had the same outcome, frustration of not being able to find easy-close shoes.
     I came up with the vision and started developing the product and landed on a design that can attach to your shoes eyelet allowing for an easy, yet secure alternative to laces. The straps allow the shoe to open wide for easy on and off and you can control the pressure over the foot.  Replace-A-Lace is the original, Patented (US Patent #9743715) no-tie hook and loop shoelace.